History of MaximumLight

MaximumLight was created in October 2018. The first projects for clients were coming in and of course ADE played a big role in this. The production of Martin Garrix during ADE was the first official big project for the company. The link to this show can be found underneath this article. After a while multiple new companies partnered up with MaximumLight. A variety of new clients was a fact. The summer season is just around the corner and we expect some very cool shows! The projects that are on the list are in national but also international. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the website for updates!


The mission of MaximumLight is to create the ‘WOW-experience’. Not only for clients that we work with but also for the visitors of the event. We put a lot of effort in seeking this experience and take every detail in consideration. We inspire, create experiences and we work hard.


To bring inspiration and innovation to next level shows, technical productions and events.